Deliverable Documents


Deliverable Number Deliverable Title WP # Lead beneficiary Type Dissemination Level Due Date (in months)
D1.1 Report on phonon propagation and mode conversion rules WP1 USTL Report PU 12
D1.2 Report on OM cavities design for back-action lasing WP1 ICN2 Report CO 18
D1.3 Selection of methods towards OM circuitry. Development of numerical tools WP1 UNIVPM Report CO 24
D1.4 Report on the modelling of OM driven Phonon Circuits WP1 UNIVPM Report PU 36
D1.5 Dedicated software with user interface to simulate OM systems WP1 UNIVPM Report PU 36
D2.1 Progress report on coherent phonon sources WP2 ICN2 Report PU 12
D2.2 Report on coherent phonon detectors WP2 CNR Report PU 18
D2.3 Report on RF signal processing in OM cavities WP2 UPV Report PU 30
D2.4 Spontaneous and externally induced synchronisation of OM self-sustained oscillators WP2 ICN2 Report PU 36
D2.5 Report on the feasibility of a PPO as source of coherent phonons WP2 MENAPIC Report CO 36
D3.1 Emission and detection of phonons on chip WP3 UPV Report CO 18
D3.2 Pre-selection of components for an optically-driven phononic circuit WP3 UPV Report CO 12
D3.3 Effects of stress fields on the mechanical Q in phononic devices WP3 VTT Report PU 24
D3.4 Proof-of-concept of an optically-driven phononic circuit with different functionalities WP3 ICN2 Report PU 36
D4.1 Launch of project website WP4 ICN2 Other PU 2
D4.2 Publication of the Data Management Plan WP4 ICN2 ORDP PU 6
D4.3 Organisation of the PHENOMEN workshop WP4 ICN2 Other PU 30
D4.4 Publication of the exploitation plan WP4 MENAPIC Report CO 32
D4.5 Updated Data Management Plan WP4 ICN2 Report PU 32
D4.6 Kick-off Meeting WP4 ICN2 Report CO 2
D4.7 Short interim report M6 WP4 ICN2 Report CO 6
D4.8 Short interim report M12 WP4 ICN2 Report CO 12
D4.9 Short interim report M24 WP4 ICN2 Report CO 24
D4.10 Short interim report M30 WP4 ICN2 Report CO 30
D4.11 Action Check Meeting 1 WP4 ICN2 Report CO 14
D4.12 Action Check Meeting 2 WP4 ICN2 Report CO 36